Highlands Lands

What improvements have been made to The Highlands at Canyon Ridge

Town and Country Development's philosophy is to ensure that your environment is as special and beautiful as your home. We built a stone entrance and we paved gently winding roads that lead to each lot. We constructed bridges with tastefully designed pavers and stone walls to cross the shallow washes that run through the area. We also re-vegetated and seeded disturbed desert areas with native plants, which we water regularly with an underground watering system.

The infrastructure for your electric, gas, water, phone and cable hookup is completed and in place. Each lot is also approved by the town of Cave Creek for a septic system.

Are horses and horse facilities allowed?
Yes, horses are permitted. All horse facilities must be approved by the architectural committee.

Where can I learn about Cave Creek's planning and zoning, and building

Visit the Town of Cave Creek Web site's Ordinances page.

Which Cave Creek residential zoning code pertains to The Highlands at
   Canyon Ridge?


Does The Highlands have an Architectural Committee?
Yes. The Highlands has an Architectural Committee that consists of a licensed architect, general contractor, developer and realtor. The committee must approve building plans before you submit them for review to Cave Creek's Planning and Zoning Department. The Architectural Committee's objective is to follow the Highlands at Canyon Ridge Architectural Rules to ensure each home blends with the desert environment and does not obstruct a Highlands neighbor's view.

What major arteries are near The Highlands and to which cities do they

From The Highlands you have easy access to AZ-101, AZ-202, AZ-51, I-10 and I-17.

AZ-101, which is approximately 10 miles south of The Highlands, loops around Phoenix and joins AZ-202, AZ-51 and I-10.

AZ-202 goes south to South Phoenix; AZ-51 goes south to Downtown Phoenix; and I-10 East goes to Tucson while I-10 West goes to Los Angeles.

I-17 North leads to Sedona and Flagstaff; I-17 South goes to Downtown Phoenix.

How close is The Highlands to Downtown Phoenix and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport?
The Highlands is approximately 30 miles (45 minutes) from both Downtown Phoenix and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. To get there you may take AZ-101 to AZ-202 or AZ101 to AZ-51 to I-10.

How close is The Highlands to other area airports?
Scottsdale Airport is approximately 15 miles (20 minutes) away. Phoenix Deer Valley Airport is approximately 13 miles (20 minutes) away.

How close is The Highlands to shopping and services?
There are four major grocery store chains and an outdoor shopping mall (The Summit on Scottsdale Road) within 15 minutes of The Highlands. Dozens of specialty shops, from florists to fine furniture stores, are located right along the main streets in Cave Creek and neighboring Carefree. Please see the Local Area Attractions page for more information.

Physicians, dentists, physical therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists are just minutes away. Imaging and lab services are also nearby. Some of the finest hospitals in the state and country are located within a half hour of The Highlands: the Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale Healthcare, Paradise Valley Hospital and John C. Lincoln Hospital, to name a few.